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We have one of the largest variety of furs on the net! Select from over 75 varieties, available in precut for kits or by the yard.

Our inventory is constantly changing, so be sure to stock up on your favorites!

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yes, eyes and noses!

We carry 13 varieties of eyes in 7 sizes.

The noses are available in 5 sizes.

We also carry some tools for your convenience.

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There are so many reasons to stock up. Make a scarf or vest to keep yourself or someone you love toasty warm well beyond the holidays!

Got a beginning sewer or trying to get someone to start sewing?
Carol's 2-piece animal kits are the perfect gift!

So check out the Carol's Zoo website for the very easy, simple ideas for Zoo Animals, Wearables, Spirit Dolls for all those Special People in your life!

Happy Holidays from Carol the Zookeeper

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